Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We have her Visa

We had such a wonderful day. We went swimming for the first time with Anika. Later in the day we met with our coordinator and got Anika's visa to enter the US. I hope that you enjoy the pictures. Thanks again for all the support.

Alex Anika is going to love love the walker! She was so happy to sit in one here in the baby room. We are so excited to see you on friday and to go to the Y. We can all swim together. I love you more than the moon!!! xoxoxo MOM


Bobbi said...

What an adorable bathing beauty!! You are all beaming.

Looks like she is doing well.

I think I see a future swim suit model............

Alex, bet you are getting excited to meet your sister and see Mom and Dad!! Hang tough, just a couple more days.

Donna said...

She is be-YOU-tee-Ful!
What great pictures, I agree - you all just look positively beaming!!

Steph said...

OH WOW!!! Can she be any cuter?? You all look so happy!! What a sweet, sweet smile!!

I think that smile was meant just for her big brother!!

Auntie G said...

Anika is beautiful!!