Monday, June 30, 2008


That is not a word we are used to much in this house. Alex just had his 6 year apt last week and was in the 3rd percentile for his age. He has been in this range since he was 4 months old so nothing to be concerned about. He is very healthy and for that we are thankful. This morning was Anika's turn. Imagine my surprise when the nurse says " wow you have a tall one" Anika is in the 70Th percentile for height at this point. She is also healthy and we have been so blessed twice....Here are a few pictures of our big girl..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Look at me

I am on a horse with my big brother! Last night we went to a friends house and Alex and Anika got to ride on their horse. Alex loved it and then was so excited to ride with Anika. Thanks to our friends for a great time! Anika has been looking at these pictures and squealing all morning.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Favorite Pictures of the Week

It has been a great and busy week in the Guatemamatwo house. We visited with friends on Tues and Thursday. Our six month post placement visit was done on Wends. Mon we spent the afternoon out in the backyard playing with the slip and slide. We had 3 showings of the house in the midst of it all. We have another showing tomorrow and an open house Thursday night. Anika is doing really well and has taken off this week walking behind her push-toy hippo. Thank you Jackie she loves it. Alex is enjoying summer and looking forward to going to space camp at the Y next week. Here are a few of my favorite pictures....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We are still here

We are still here just not blogging very much lately. We did go to our new/old town the weekend before last and found a nice house. I am very happy about the house. I really hope it doesn't take to long to sell our house here. I am still sad about leaving. We have made some great friends here. Today we met with our friends who's boys are also from Guatemala. It was so special to find them here when we moved in. I am going to really miss them. We went through two adoptions together. Both of the little one's have come home within the time we have lived here. Take a look at these four...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Day of School

Tomorrow is Alex's last day of Kindergarten. I am amazed that the year is over. What a year he has had. I could not have asked for anything better for him. Many Thanks to his teacher for all that she did for him and us. That is all that I am going to say on the blog but this wonderful year at school makes it all the harder to get in the car and go house hunting a state away tomorrow. I am hoping that I will be excited when I get there. As much as I love Anika I am super super excited to have a day and a half away even if we are running in an out of houses all day. I forgot how hard it can be with a 13 month old at times. She has started hitting and biting and pinching this week WHENEVER she doesn't get her way. I am tired....

OK now for the pictures! These are from about a month ago. I came downstairs and found Alex reading Anika's books to her. :) She was so happy when he gave her the book when he was done. They are so cute..... I will let you know how the house hunt turns out. Thank you for the great advice on how to help Alex with the move!!