Sunday, January 11, 2009


Alex and Anika are spending more and more time together. It is such an amazing thing to see their relationship grow. Tonight Alex was showing Anika how to use her Tadoodles Art Station that she got from her Grandma. He is very patient and caring with her. She adores him like no one else. Alex has Spanish this year as part of his school day. He has a 15 minute Spanish time twice a week. He has learned so much already this year. He is now counting with Anika and teaching her body parts and colors. He started doing this on his own and I am trying to get him to teach me. He seems to like to talk to Anika in Spanish alone. It is like a shared secret between them. I am really Thankful for both of my wonderful precious kids.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a happy and wonderful 2009! I can not believe it is 2009 already. It seems like only a few months since we were in Guatemala with Anika. It really has been almost a year. The kids had such fun with these hats last week. We had a nice trip to celebrate Christmas with Dad, Nana ,Grandpa Joe, Uncle Adam and my great Aunt Bev on Sunday. I will have to get a movie done at some point. Right now I wanted to get something new on here while Anika is napping. Can I say that I LOVE that she naps in her crib FINALLY! Thanks to my cousin Sarah over Thanksgiving. I saw how her sweet one went to bed in the pack in play in a strange house in the middle of the party and thought well Anika MUST be able to sleep in her crib at home. She was going to bed at night great in her crib but naps were a mess. Now I feel so much more in control of my life with a bit of time during the day and the house is cleaner too. :)

Speaking of the house, my oh my this house we bought has been a money pit since we moved in. I got home today after taking Alex to school to find the heat not working. $600 dollars later we have a new motor in the furnace as we speak. Since July we had to have the A/C fixed when a line broke and flooded the basement and we had a sewer back up down there not long after. I miss our old house like crazy and miss our small happy town in PA and this is not helping.

So much to be thankful for though so I will focus on all the great blessings in my life. Alex and Anika top the list.