Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Pictures

Ok everyone has one guess who she is looking at in the first picture! :) I found her shirt in the last picture at Old Navy. Perfect!! I got a few sizes so she is going to wear this one for a while. :)


Bobbi said...

Her hair just amazes me!!!I know I say it everytime, but it just amazes me.

I love that shirt on her. Good idea getting a few sizes.

Alex likes Cars? Reese likes the toys from the movie, but not the actual movie. Go figure!! He is so handsome.

I like the last picture. She is worth the wait!!

Cindy said...

Anika is so beautiful in that last picture. She looks so happy and is very much worth the wait!!

The Fox Family said...

Oh Tracy,

I just can't get over how incredibly beautiful your girl is! I am telling you she should be a model. Alex is pretty darn cute too. LOVE the first picture. She just adores that big brother of hers. So sweet.

"Worth the wait" indeed!


Guatmama said...

Alex - she is looking at Alex, no doubt. Her eyes just light up!@

Frances said...

What an adorable princesa! I love her dimples!