Thursday, February 7, 2008

Last post from Guatemala

We are on the way to the airport in a hour or so. It has been a fast trip this time around. We are so excited to have Anika and Alex together at last. When we are home I hope to post more about our trip and all that we have done. Anika is doing better with every day. She is starting to bond with us more and more. She is upset if Mom is out of her sight. She has a big smile for Dad too. Alex did you see the Volcano??? See you on friday buddy!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo MOM


Bobbi said...

Chills and tears all at the same time!!!

Travel safe.

Brace yourself Alex............:>)

Cindy said...

So happy Anika is transitioning well. Have a safe trip.

Christina said...

What a cute smile she has. Love the picture of the volcano in the sunset.

The Fox Family said...

Yipee! It won't be long now until you are all together! Anika is so incredibly beautiful, as always. You can just tell that she is a real sweetie too.