Friday, October 19, 2007

Visit to Kindergarten!

This picture is Kboy in his classroom but last spring at the registration day. He liked his teacher so much that I asked for him to be in her class and it worked out. Have I mentioned that she is an adoptive mom also? :) Yes I am so thrilled.

It is amazing how one thing can change your whole outlook around. I was in a bit of a funk this week. I was missing Kboy on Wednesday. He was home with a fever on Tues and it was hard to have him gone again the next day. Wednesday was also the day that Anika turned 6 months old. I was in a major funk that day. I was too sad to even post about it. I managed to get past Wednesday and then I put him on the bus Thursday am and came back to "hit the computer" and check out every one's blogs and the adoption chat groups. I hit the send/receive on my email and there is a message from Kboy's teacher. She has a parent come in every Thursday to help make copies and prepare things for the next week etc.. The parent that was going to come had to cx and would I be able to come for an hr that day or the next. I ended up going to school for 2 hrs Thursday and it was such a blessing to me! It was nice to be able to help. I can not describe how neat it was to see Kboy in school sitting in a circle on the floor working with his class. He was so excited that every few minutes he said " Mommy I love you" to me in the back of the class. I was in the office for much of the time making copies and I think that was good so that his teacher could teach without him saying that every few minutes. LOL The best reaction from Kboy was when his teacher took me out to the playground to say hi before I went to the office. He was so happy. He took me to his line and I lined up with the class and walked behind him into school. :) I am really looking forward to Nov when I get to go again. There is also the Halloween Party the day before. This is going to be fun.


Christina said...

Your little guy sounds like such a sweetie. I pray Aiden turns out like that and gets out of his terrible two attitude

Emily said...

You are both so lucky to have one another! You can really tell how much Kboy loves his mommy! :-0


Steph said...

Oh! How incredibly sweet!!