Friday, October 12, 2007

IN PGN!!!!

We just got word that we were submitted to PGN on Oct 10th! OH what a great
feeling. That is the day that I called and they said that they had no record of our file. So I guess
that explains that. I am so happy right now.

Kboy was only at school today until 12:00. They had a half day and the teachers had a professional development day in the afternoon. It was so fun to see him all afternoon. We hit the park and the library and played some board games. All around a good day. Happy weekend.


Steph said...

YEA!!! This is such great news!!! What a huge relief. I hope your stay is very SHORT!

Emily said...

Tracy- this is such great news- I knew you'd be in soon! And I bet you'll be out even sooner! When you called on the 10th they probably didn't have your file yet or didn't register it- what a coincidence! Congrats!


Beth said...

I knew it! I just knew it! I almost made a comment about expecting it b/c of our identical timelines, but would have hated to jinx it... and it had already happened! YAY! We have to keep this going!!! :)Congrats, Terry!

Sandy said...

Tracy, Congrats!!!!! So glad you are in and hope you are out super fast!

Jolly said...

Guatemama and papa-
So glad you got the good news! Congratulations!
This blog is great - We will be able to check on both kids.