Friday, October 26, 2007

Kicked out of PGN

Well I just checked our agency adoption tracking page to see that we were resubmitted to PGN on 10-23-07! WHAT I thought if you got a previo (KO) then you got a phone call. The good news is we are back in. It must have been an easy fix so we are thankful for that. So the PGN countdown starts over as of the 23rd. Lets hope that is the last KO and we are on our way to an approval.


Emily said...

Boo-hoo PGN! SO glad it was a quick fix. I have a feeling you'll be out sometime in the next few weeks- just a hunch! :-)


Steph said...

Darn!! But, at least they did not wait weeks and weeks to issue the previo and it was a QUICK fix. Yea!! The next call will be an OUT!! :)

The Fox Family said...


I don't know anything about the adoption process, but I imagine that any delay or setback is incredibly disappointing and saddening. I'm glad things seem to be back on track. Know that there are positive thoughts coming your way.


Beth said...

You are so good to see the silver lining... we can almost count on the KO's, so you are right to be pleased that it was an easy fix. Fingers crossed that that will be that last of that nonsense!