Monday, March 31, 2008

Alex and the Simba Cake

I am finally back to blogging. It has been a busy time around here. I was just looking at my pictures and realized that I have a few from Good Friday that I want to post. I am that far behind. Last week right after Easter Anika got bronchitis. I took her to the Dr last Monday thinking she had an ear infection. Nope bronchitis. She was doing well until about Thursday and it has been hard on her since then. Thankfully she is on the upswing. Alex woke up this morning with a fever so I kept him home today. Keeping my fingers crossed for him. Easter weekend Grandma Connie and Pappy came for a visit. We celebrated Alex's birthday with them on Saturday and Easter on Sunday. I have so many great pictures that I want to post from our weekend also but first "Alex and the Simba Cake"

On the 26th Alex's actual birthday we planned a quiet "family of four" dinner and cake-presents kind of evening. First let me say how fun it is to finally type family of four. WOW! We have dinner and we have fun watching him open his gifts. Time for the Simba Cake! He very carefully puts the "6" in just the right spot on the cake and I light it. As we are singing I am thinking "he is leaning over kind of far I should tell him not to." As soon as I think this he lifts his head and I see his hair SMOKING! I panic and yell " YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE" as I dive over the table. He takes off running down the hall yelling "STOP DROP AND ROLL" as loud as he can. I chase him down and then manage to rub out the smoldering fire in his hair. THANK GOODNESS he was not hurt. It really was scary for a few seconds there. Never a dull moment around here lately.

Looking forward catching up on everyone's blogs soon. I will post more pictures in the next few days. THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments and Birthday wishes for Alex on my last post!


Sandy said...

Ok, so I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but that is HILARIOUS!!! Never a dull moment!

Cindy said...

Glad Alex wasn't hurt. Hope both he and Anika are feeling better.

Donna said...

OMGoodness! So glad everything worked out! And hope you all are feeling better soon.

LOVE the cake and the picture, he's just so handsome!

The Fox Family said...

Wow, what a lot of excitement!!! I lol at the thought of Alex running around screaming "STOP, DROP, and ROLL", yet doing no stopping, dropping, or rolling!!! Hee!!! Am fully aware that this is funny only because everything turned out alright, and probably not as funny at the time!!! Loved the cake! Did you make it? Am completely jealous of your craftiness if so! I have no such faith in my own cake decorating abilities. Adorable pics of the kids. Hope everyone is feeling better!


Steph said...

Oh my goodness!!! At least he remembered all the important steps!! Ha! What a birthday to remember!!

Bobbi said...

Hope Annika and Alex are on the mend. Poor kiddos.

Now that is a birthday story noone will soon forget.

Love the picture. Was that before he set himself on fire??? :>)

Bobbi said...

You've been tagged.