Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Alex and Anika have been Tagged

A and A have been tagged by Cassie,Krista and Reese and Eli They need to list 10 things about themselves and then Tag a few friends.


1. I want to be a Palentologist when I grow up.
2. I am Mayan and so proud of being from Guatemala. I was disapointed at first that Mom and Dad didn't take me along when they went to adopt Anika but they promised we will all go together as a family in a few years. I had a blast with my Grandma that week!
3.I am a dinosaur expert! I have a huge collection and can tell you a lot about all the different kinds that used to be alive.
4. I have been taking Tae Kwon doe for a year now and I am a yellow belt. I have almost earned my second green stripe toward the green belt.
5. I love Pizza and PB&J
6. Bionicles are my absolute favorite thing to play with. ( I am holding some in the picture of me and Mom)
7. I am in Kindergarten and I can read on my own now. I really like that I can and I love school.
8. I love Magic Tree House books. I love it when Mom or Dad reads them to me. Sometimes we even read the whole thing at once.
9 Planet Hero's are so fun. I have almost the whole set. I am saving up for Sun. He is one of the new one's and is really big!
10. Animal Planet is my new favorite TV channel. I love to see and learn about the animals


1. I will be a year old on the 17th.
2. I love my brother. He always makes me laugh and smile. I clap and get so excited when I see the big yellow thing with wheels coming because I know now that Alex comes out when they stop.
3. I love to play peek-a-boo and so big.
4. I like to walk around the house with Mom or Dad holding my hands. I get mad sometimes because they don't want to do it all day. I can not understand why not.
5. I can say MaMa Dada, browa, up, diaper and more.
6. I can not roll over from my front to back or back to front. Mom says that it is important so people are coming to the house to help me learn how. I can scoot all over and am getting faster. I want to keep up with my brother.
7. Yesterday I was laying down and I sat up all by myself. Mommy was so excited I think I might do it again today. She was funny.
8. I love to eat. I want to eat whatever my brother has. Pizza and cauliflower are two of my favorite. NOODLES!! YUMMY
9. I am tickelish under my chin
10.I love to sit and rock on my rocking horse. He plays music and makes funny noises when I move. My Playhouse Disney CD is fun too. I like to listen to it when I play on the floor with my toys. I dance sitting down and my Mom Dad and Alex like to dance with me.

We tag Julianna and Jayden


Bobbi said...

You know, Reese couldn't roll over either when he got home. He could in Guatemala, but lost it when he got home. He finally can now. Also, he still doesn't go from laying to sitting up. He rolls over first. I think this is just the way that he learned, and doesn't know how to do it any other way. OH, and he was a major scooter for a long time.

Interesting the similiarities.

Donna said...

LOVE the facts!! I just love learning all about our little guys and gals. And my, my Alex seems like one smart cookie!

The Fox Family said...

Isn't it funny how we could probably list 100 things about our kids, but if we tried to list 10 things about ourselves it would take a LONG time to come up with half as many! How amazing it would be to have a child that eats cauliflower! I'm SO jealous!