Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anika update

Anika is doing much much better and has even started eating normal food again! We are so happy and thankful that she is on the upswing. I forgot how scary it is when little one's are sick like that. I don't think Alex was sick like that until he was older. Maybe he was and I don't remember but I doubt it. :) Thank you all for your get well wishes for her!!!!

She is really growing and changing by leaps and bounds these days. She is pulling up consistently on things and starting to cruise the furniture. She is crawling on her knees and doesn't scoot as much anymore. She has learned to roll over but doesn't really like to do it. I am thinking that I really don't need to have Early Intervention come for the big evaluation next week after all. Language wise she is using 4 or 5 words and signs more and bird. I can tell that she understands much more than she used to also. We are so lucky to have her as a part of our family!


Nicole said...

The same thing happened to us - Dominic really took off the week before Early Intervention came out - started sitting and pulling up within days of the appt!

They said it is very common!

Glad to hear she's feeling better and doing so well!

Bobbi said...

Glad she is feeling better.

I think all of her progress is a good sign of her comfort level. She will do just fine.

Love that smile.

Donna said...

Yay! So glad she is feeling better. And the yellow outfit is beautiful on her!! I love it!

It sounds like she is doing really well, progressing really well. Austin and Logan could understand (and still do) tons more words than they could actually say.

Amy said...

Anika is so beautiful. I am glad to hear she is feeling really is scary when little ones are sick...especially when they can't tell you what is wrong.

Good luck with Early Intervention!

The Fox Family said...

So glad Anika is feeling better!!!

I was reading a Dr. Seuss (abc book) to Juianna tonight and I flipped to the front page and your name was written in it in cute little kid writing. I guess you must have passed it down to us. So funny that I am now reading it to my little one!