Saturday, September 8, 2007

A New Day

Today I am feeling much more excited about the news we got yesterday! It really is a big step

forward. Also there are 3 families that have recieved pre approval today after waiting around 48 days!! Congratulations to all of you. This means that there is a chance we will have ours sooner than I thought just yesterday. I am so excited today.

We had a nice day. Friends came over and Kboy got to play with one of his best friends. They are both in K but go to different schools since our small town switched to all day and didn't have enough room in the school for all the classes. She lives about 3 blocks from us but they go to different schools. They had a blast.

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MrB said...

It's been cool to see the pics and keep up. We still don't have internet at home, and MR asked me if I've seen them, which I have every couple of days or so. I go to families house or a coffee shop with internet and check things out.

MR's excited to see pics. She and Eli really miss you guys.