Friday, September 7, 2007

Family Court Approval!!!!!!

We just got an email that we are out/approved by the Family Court in Guatemala!! We got word that our case was approved on Aug 24th. We get updates on friday's when our attorney sends a progress update on his cases to our agency. This is really good news and it means that the Social Worker has completed her review and we will be able to move on to PGN in Guatemala once we get the Preapproval of our case from the US Embassy. That will be in another 2 months most likely.

Funny how I was so excited for a few minutes and then got bummed that our DNA test was not done sooner. These two months are going to be long.... I do appreciate the fact that waiting and doing the test and family court interview on the same day meant that Anika's birthmother only had to come once and not twice. I can't imagine how hard that day must have been for her. I am so thankful that she made an adoption plan and I am blessed behond words that Anika will be here and next year these extra two months won't matter much. I know that but in my heart it still hurts not to have that PA so we can go into PGN. Kboy was 5 months and a day when we got off the plane from Guatemala and he met his Grandparents and Uncle. That day in Anika's life is Sept 18th. From that point on I know this is going to take all my strength not to focus on her being older than that.

I am going to end this pitty party for myself and concentrate on the fact that we got GOOD NEWS today. GEESH I need to refocus. I am going to check and see if any of my "blogfriends" got good updates today. I hope so!!!!

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Emily said...

Wow- that was quick! Congrats! Hope your PA comes soon- we'll be right behind you! :-)