Friday, October 3, 2008

Playing Together

I am having so much fun watching Alex and Anika play together. Alex is a wonderful big brother and the majority of the time is really nice and loving with Anika. She adores him and follows him around the house now hoping for a spin on her little big wheel. Alex had his first cub scout meeting this month, his Halloween costume is all ready to go and Anika is loving being outside and playing with sticks and leaves. We have starting to hang out in the front yard after dropping Alex off at school in the morning. She just beams the whole time. Have a great weekend.


Steph said...

Oh, the studio pics are GREAT!! We are going to try it soon. Glad you are all enjoying the fall weather!

Bobbi said...

Love the Halloween costume! Great job.

That is great that Alex is joining boy scouts. They are a great group to get involved with.

Annika, stop growing up! You are changing so much, so fast. Sounds like you and Mom are having some fun times together.

Donna said...

Oh - I could look at these kids all day long!! Awesome pics!

Beth said...

Isn't the love between Big Brother and Little Sister just heart warming... it just makes me all gushy!!

The kids look so happy!

Sorry to be SO out of touch... I just hate it... here it is a Saturday night and it is the first time in weeks I have had to check in... I just keep telling myself things will slow down. In the meantime, your sweet family is always on my mind!