Friday, October 24, 2008

The big kid in the house

It is hard to believe that Alex is already done with three months of first grade. He is doing great and has made friends. Other than school he is in boy scouts and we are all really enjoying that a lot. I never realized how involved I could be in it. I thought it was a father/son activity only. It is really for the family as a whole. Lot of good times to be had. Last Friday while he had a day off of school we went to the playground and he made this "campfire" out of sticks and leaves. He amazes me with his creativity all the time. He also spends a lot of time outside in the playset mixing up things and making "potions". He has a huge interest in science right now. Just a few new pictures of him that I wanted to share. It is a bit bittersweet how independent his is getting this year. I know this is only the beginning.


Bobbi said...

THey are both getting so big. It is amazing how independent they get at six years old. But, it is fun watching them learn new things and gain new strenghts. Glad you are all enjoying boy scouts.

Annika is getting so big. Reese likes to color too--and is finally getting the idea that you actually color on PAPER!! My poor floors and walls!

Beth said...

Hi Tracy,

I think about your family all the time, too. It is so fun to see the pics of Alex and read about how similiar he and Sam are! Just this morning, Sam was mixing potionsin the bathroom for the longest time, coming our periodically to announce what he had invented... which was several variations of "goo"! Luciana is doing great, and keeping us busy and thoroughly entertained! She is not very talkative, but extremely active, and happy as ever... unless in the car! Oh, and Sam is doing well at school, too... much better than last year. It is so fun to have him at my school, and he is happy.
Stay in touch... and hugs to the kids!

Emily said...

Tracy- WOW- Anika and Alex are getting so big! They are both so cute and look so happy together. Sounds like you are well settled into your new neighborhood. :-) Take care!

Steph said...

How cute! I love that Alex is creating potions!! Hopefully, he does not try to make you drink them! ;)

Anika is just a doll!! How cute she said "byebye" to the crayons!