Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend in Pictures


Beth said...

These are so great. Your kiddos are so happy and certainly have rockin' parents who make life F-U-N! Way to go on the tooth, Alex! And, bubbles inside!?? I can't let Sam see that one! hee hee Anika looks stunning and so happy! Why wouldn't she be, look at the way her big bro takes care of her!

Bobbi said...

Two teeth gone?? Yeah Alex!!

Love spaghetti-faced babies!!

Those smiles just fill their faces.

Steph said...

What GREAT pics!! Your kiddos always look so happy! Anika looks especially proud of her spaghetti sauce face! Too funny!!

And, two teeth? WOW!!! I love the toothless smile! What a cutie!!

The Fox Family said...

As always your kids are "take my breath away" beautiful! I adore that picture of Alex and the bubbles. What a great shot.