Saturday, May 17, 2008

13 Months Old Today

Time just seems to be flying by since Feb. I can not believe that Anika is 13 Months today. In the last week since I posted last she has learned how to drink from a straw and today she walked AlONE behind a push toy for the first time. She has been able to for a while but was afraid unless someone held her back. Today she walked slowly across the living room holding on alone. It won't be long until she is a walker. I didn't get a picture but I hope to tomorrow. She only did it once and I was too busy cheering. We all were and I think we scared her so she stopped.

Alex is doing great. I can't believe that his Kindergarten year is almost over. Time just needs to slow down a little for me. He has been enjoying the "warmer" weather that we have had the past few weeks and spending tons of time outside in the trees. His latest favorite thing is to catch bugs and butterflies with his bug net and look at them in his bug trapper. Today he went to a birthday party and was so excited that spider man showed up.


Dewey & Stacey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!
Anika and Alex are DARLING!!! Congrats on Anika taking her first steps. And Alex getting to meet Spiderman, wow you don't get much cooler then that :)
Have a great weekend

Victoria & Joe said...

I love that last picture of Alex... He is just precious... I can't believe Anika is walking... Jazlynn starting crawling this past week.. They grow to fast

The Fox Family said...

YEAH Anika! You're right, it won't be long now before you won't be able to keep up with her. The pics are just precious. I agree, time is moving along at some sort of warp speed! Father Time, PLEASE slow down!


Steph said...

Happy 13 months, big girl!!!

Alex, you are getting so big!!

Cindy said...

It is amazing how fast time seems to fly by! Anika and Alex are both adorable. They seem to be growing so fast!

Bobbi said...

Your kids are just growing up too fast. Anika is going to be everywhere soon. Alex, almost in first grade?? Where does the time go??

Anika sounds like she is doing great.

Bobbi said...

Hope all is well.....miss you!!