Monday, November 19, 2007


I am feeling a bit bad about the tone of my last post. In thinking about Thanksgiving
this week I realize that I have SO MUCH to be Thankful for! I don't want to be the
bitter person that I was when I wrote the last post. I just long for Anika to be with us and sometimes it is more than I can gracefully deal with. I am Thankful for so much and wanted to share some pictures of my wonderful son with you all. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Steph said...

This process is so tough without having to dealwith insensitive comments. Even those closest to us say the craziest things sometimes. You are always so positive and grateful!

Auntie G said...

Most of us understand. We are all thankful for what we have and the wait is still hard. Hang in there!!

K Leclercq said...

This is all so hard. I have to remind myself often that the people around me only mean the best. They want to be supportive and helpful, but sometimes it is just so hard that I don't seem to hear anything right. Even though we all have challenging days and struggle with staying PC, we are all very grateful!

Emily said...

Don't feel bad about your last post- I can totally relate- I think we all can! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving today! :-)


The Fox Family said...

Your wonderful son is just too cute! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving! Did you get home? J is not in a great travelling stage (and Ryan didn't have much time off), so we didn't make it. I hated to miss Grandpa though. I hope to get up there soon.