Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This morning was Kboy's first day at all day Kindergarten. I have had very mixed emotions about the whole switch to all day. I was so looking forward to our mornings together before he went to school in the afternoon for 3 hours. Now he gets on the bus at 7:55 and off at 3:00. He is very ready so I decided to let him go instead of homeschool. He was nervous this morning but also very excited. We walked to the bus stop and then after he got on Dh and I drove to the school. We were able to see him get off the bus and walk him to his table in the lunch room. He wanted to tell me how exciting the bus was. I think he is going to do great but it is going to be strange to not have him around during the day. Lets hope that Anika is here sooner rather than later to see her big brother off on the bus.


MrB said...

awesome! now we can keep up!
matt, mr, eli, caleb

Steph said...

He looks so excited!! I hope he had a wonderful first day of school!