Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day First Grade Tea

What a special time I had with Alex today at school. It was the First Grade Mother's Day Tea. Alex made me a hand painted tile and wrote a poem complete with a picture of me. All the kids read their poems in front of the class. After having tea and cookies we were treated to a slide show of all the pictures his wonderful teacher has taken this year. It was such a treat to spend time alone with Alex and spend some time at school. Tomorrow we are going to boy scouts and then to his school festival.

Anika is talking more and more and just blooming like a little flower. It seems like she is changing by the day now.


Steph said...

How wonderful!!! What a special day for you and Alex!

Bobbi said...

Looks like a special time for you and Alex. Annika just keeps getting cuter and cuter--and bigger!!!