Monday, April 27, 2009

Memory Lane

Spring has finally come to Ohio! It has been so warm and I feel like I am out of a long winter hibernation. With both kids having birthdays in the past few weeks it seems like time is flying by. With that in mind I went back to look at some old pictures. I found these from April/May 2006. Alex had just turned four. Look at how much my boy has changed in three years.

Anika has been loving loving getting outside and playing again finally. Cute pictures of my little lady to come soon.. Hopefully.. :)


Sarah said...

Oh Tracy! Those pics of your boy are so stinkin' cute I could almost cry. How can time go so darn fast?? Give your still completely adorable baby boy a big kiss from me!


Steph said...

So cute!!!!

Bobbi said...

Oh, he looks so grown up now! What a cutie