Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Fun At The School Art Show

Thursday night was Alex's art show at school. Every student had a piece of artwork displayed in the hall. We had such a good time looking at his spider and the artwork that his friends made. I was so glad he was able to go back to school after being sick the first part of the week. He was so excited to take his birthday treat in and to have us all come for the art show. It was great that we didn't have to miss it. In the 2nd picture Anika is down the hall with Jens in her little pink camo coat. :) She was so happy to go IN to the school and hang out with Alex. It was cute. After the show we went home for cupcakes and more DS playing. Alex has been asking for one and we decided that he was ready for one. I might be blogging more now that he has Club Penguin on his DS and not only on line.


Sarah said...

Really cool spider!!! Looks like you had a great time at the fair.

I guess we're about done with coats around here or I would ask where you got Anika's. Super cute! Don't have any idea what a DS is, but assume it is some sort of gameboy-like thingy? I am so clueless! Glad Alex's b-day was great!


Steph said...

Awesome spider!!! Looks like a very special day!

Well, Alex and Jason can talk DS when we get together. Jason is playing his right now...always a kid a heart!

Bobbi said...

Great art work. Sounds like a great birthday. He will love his DS. THe girls each have one,and love them