Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Grade

It is hard to believe that my baby boy is in first grade. Alex started at his new school last week. I was so proud of him on the big first day. He was nervous being new here and not having a buddy in his class. He walked into school with his head high and sat at his desk. I waived from the door and Anika and I walked home as fast as I could go. I didn't want to cry on the way back. He was so brave and I know it was hard for him. He had a great first day and loves his new school. He is already making some good friends. The other day when I asked who he played with at recess he said " oh you know mom the same old, same old" That is my Alex. He really does go with the flow. He has made friends with a girl in his class that was adopted from China as an infant. How neat is that? Having him love his new school is such a blessing. It is easy to send him when he is so excited and I know he likes being there. I also think this part of town is going to be like our wonderful small town we just left in time. The first day of school all the kids along our way to school were running and hugging each other and everyone seemed to really know each other. It made the walk hard for us last week but I kept telling Alex that soon you will have lots of friends here too.

Anika is doing great. She was 16 months old a few weeks ago and is starting to blossom. She is having a ball playing with me while Alex is at school. The first day she just kept saying "awek awek awek" to herself in such a sad little voice. Picking him up is still the highlight of her day. She is starting to run now and says a new word or two everyday. This weekend we are going on a little trip to visit with some of our blogging friends with Guatemalan children. I am so excited. I hope to get some good pictures to post too. Here are a few pictures from FIRST GRADE I just can't get over it and Anika's new dew...


Donna said...

Okay - I had to yank out the tissues for this post.

He is my hero, what a precious boy - I'm SO proud of him and so glad he's made friends already!

And aren't you one terrific Mommy, too - raising two wonderful, strong, proud, happy children!!

Bobbi said...

Oh, he is growing up. What a sweet little boy. Glad it is going well, and you are right, soon you will all have many great friends.

Anika's growing up too. She truly loves her brother, doesn't she.

Maybe while Alex is at school, you can update more!! I love hearing from you.

Stacey and Dewey said...

Yea Alex!!!! What a happy boy, his smiling face is just priceless!!
Happy Wednesday

Sandy said...

Glad Alex is doing well in first grade. What brave guy!

Cindy said...

I'm glad that Alex is liking his new school. Anika is growing so much.

Steph said...

Oh, that smile just kills me every time! What a brave and sweet boy!! I am so glad to hear things are going so well in your new town.

Anika is adorable as always! How sweet that she misses her big brother!

I can't wait to see all of you in person tomorrow!!!!! ;)