Sunday, July 20, 2008


We had a fun weekend enjoying what our new home has to offer. On Saturday we went to the Children's Museum. Alex was thrilled to see the Dino display. Anika was very happy too and loved the animals. After that we went to a Latin American restaurant. It was great complete with music. Alex beamed the whole time. The third picture is him in the restaurant. We have decided it will be our special occasion place. Alex has already said that he wants to go there for his adoption day meal. We were so full and it was still early so we decided to hit the arboretum for a walk. They have a butterfly house this time of the year and the kids loved this bench. The house was closed for the night so we will have to go back. Today we hung around the house and just played and watched TV. Later in the afternoon we hit the park with the splash pad that Alex just goes crazy for. Anika was brave today and even walked through the water. It was a really nice weekend and I am excited about all there is to do here. I still feel a bit like we are on vacation and I don't think it will hit me we live here now until school starts. I hope Alex loves his school here as much as he did in our old town. He had so much fun and was so happy there.


Sandy said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying your new home!

Steph said...

It sounds great! We drove by your city today on the way home from the reunion and I really wished I had thought in advance to get your number! We hope to be coming your way soon. I will let you know.

Bobbi said...

THe restaurant sounds great!! What a find!!

Glad you are all enjoying what your new town has to offer.

Leslie said...

Your kids are soooo cute!

The Wright Family said...

Look at her!! She's growing so fast!! So does it feel real? For us? I feel like he's always been with us and its surreal!!
I love the pic of her in her shoes!

Jen W.

Jackie said...

Glad the move went well. Send me your new number and e-mail when you can. Hi to everyone!

Donna said...

That restaurant looks awesome! What a neat find!

The kids look so happy and sound like they're adjusting so far to the move.

Hope all continues to go well. I know it's been quite a summer for you all. you've been in my thoughts and prayers!

Stacey and Dewey said...

What a fun weekend!! It sounds like you live in a great new town. How exciting to get to explore all it has to offer.
Love the butterfly bench, darling pic!!


Emily said...

So glad the move went well! I love ALL the pics....the kids look cute as usual. Hope you are enjoying the last of these summer days!! :-)